Named Court $50k provides a named tennis court-there are only 10 in total, on a first come first served basis.
Lifetime Membership $10k provides a lifetime family membership for 4 of your immediate family and recognition as a founding member via Founders plaque on the clubhouse wall.  Only 35 available and on a first come first served basis, written requests must be emailed, faxed or delivered to
Tanis Wake-Forbes, Secretary.
Corporate Sponsorship $5k plus – all companies wishing to donate to the TCITF’s new facility may do so and will receive a plaque in the sports club along with recognition on the Supporters web page.
General Donations

The TCITF would be grateful for any donations of any denomination to assist with their start up costs.  No amount is too small!

Plant-a-Palm during phase one construction we will be asking the public to assist in the landscaping of the facility by donating $250 to plant a palm/flowering plant, etc.  Recognition of your generous donation will be via our Wall of Supporter Names in  the clubhouse and also on our website Supporter page
Buy-a-Brick continuing with the landscaping theme we would be grateful to receive a $50 donation to buy-a-brick for our landscaping paths and walls. Recognition for your very helpful donation will be via our website Supporters page
In Kind Donations all building materials, phone services, cement blocks, sand, paint, road leveling, masonry, carpentry, furnishings, etc will be very welcome and recognition will be noted on our website Supporters page and on our Wall of Supporter Names in the clubhouse

The TCITF thanks you for your support now and in the future, contact us by email for further information on how you can help support the TCITF and assist us to get to Phase One. Contact Tanis Wake-Forbes email: tennisclub@tcitf.org