Tennis 10’s

Tennis 10’s Stay and Play Program

"Kids don't play soccer on a full pitch, so why should they play on a full court. Support Tennis 10's" - Roger Federe

verticaltennis10The ITF launched the Tennis 10’s (mini tennis) program and it is now in practice in the Turks & Caicos Islands! Tennis 10’s is based on the best method of training a youngster from the age of 5 – 10 years old the game of tennis. This program has the full support of players like Federer, Nadal and Roderick who have been trained in methods like this.

The idea is that children will play on an appropriate sized court, with smaller racquets and slower balls that suit their size. This will give them greater success, and that will always lead to more fun! The court size, racquets size and ball speed increase through three stages.

The stages are based on ages, so that children can join at any time and play against their ‘peers’. The rules of tennis are always respected from the very first stage, with the idea of fair play and healthy competition will grow as the children’s skill sets grow. The idea is with fun and achievement a lifelong enjoyment of the game can grow! The TCITF has recently travelled to Middle and Salt Cay to help train local schools in Tennis 10’s and has a regular session every saturday on Providenciales.

Many of our TCITC (Turks & Caicos Tennis Club) members joined together and with an ITF (International Tennis Federation) accredited instructor, they graduated as being certified instructors for the islands. Being a member of the TCITC can be much more than just finding some friends to play tennis with. If you are a visitor, your guest fees represent a gift to the islands that will ensure many more children are exposed to tennis than before, if you are a member, you may find yourself investing not only your membership fees, but a little of yourself in the future of Tennis in the Turks & Caicos.

Contact Us with any questions you may have about enrolling your children in the Tennis 10’s program, or becoming a member and mentor yourself.

Find out more about the World Wide Tennis 10’s Program by watching the video below. The Internation Tennis Federation is a strong supporter of introducing the sport as young and as ‘fun’ as possible. This is a great way to ensure your child get enough exercise and activity with a sport they could play throughout their lives. The TCITF with the support of the TCITC have already begun introducing the Tennis 10’s program to the schools in Providenciales, Saly Cay & Middle Caicos with great success!


Enroll Your Child in Tennis 10’s

To enroll your child in the Tennis 10’s program they must be age 10 or under, any skill level is accepted. Please provide proper running shoe, preferably non skid soles. If you have any refreshment/food requirements please provide them also. Transportation to and from the lessons on saturday are also required. Water, Tennis equipment and qualified instructors are provided… contact us for more info